What we do [00]

We are the European
experts in the cultivation
and supply
of medical
cannabis products
, from
plant to patient.

With a growing facility located in Northern Greece , we are in prime position for European distribution.

The medical cannabis market in Europe which was worth €4.1bn in 2019 and is expected to reach €43.3bn by 2027

Cultivation [01]

Hellenic Dynamic’s lead product is THC dominant dried medical cannabis flowers as these products occupy over 85% of all current prescriptions in Europe’s largest medical cannabis market - Germany. A full extraction laboratory is planned to be operational in late 2022, with the plan to move into cannabis extracts when the market is deemed to be significant enough for the production and sales of both products. The cultivation strategy is based on a number of phases with each phase increasing the total cultivation area based on growing European demand for medical cannabis products.
Hellenic Dynamics
PHASE 1 – (Q3-Q4 2021)

Total cultivation area: 433 sqm

Production: 175 kg

PHASE 2 - 2022

Total cultivation area: 1,000 sqm

Production: 1,350 kg per annum

PHASE 3 - 2023

Total cultivation area: 6,000 sqm

Production: 8,100 kg per annum

PHASE 4 - 2024

Total cultivation area: 11,000 sqm

Production: 14,850 kg per annum

PHASE 5 - 2025

Total cultivation area: 16,000 sqm

Production: 21,600 kg per annum


The Hellenic Dynamics cultivation licence allows a total of 40,000 square meters of active medical cannabis cultivation area within the current facility. At full production this could produce over 54,000 kg of dried flowers per annum. With ample space on the facility, increasing production post 2025 allows Hellenic Dynamics to be the dominant supplier of medical cannabis flowers in Europe, both by the quality of finished products coupled with the lowest cost of production.

Hellenic Dynamics

Laboratory [02]

Hellenic Dynamics
Hellenic Dynamics
Germany legalised the use of medical cannabis in 2017, as such it has the most advanced import and distribution legislation in Europe coupled with the highest standards for product specification.

The Hellenic Dynamics facility has been constructed from the ground up with this product specification in mind. A state-of-the-art laboratory has been designed to assist the cultivation team to ensure all products that leave the facility are of the highest possible quality and adhere to all requirements for import, not only in Germany, but all other target markets.

This means that testing for all the parameters required in each target market are conducted on site to ensure product compliance. A separate, second series of the same tests are conducted by our customers on products landing in our target markets.

Hellenic Dynamics

Medical innovation [03]

Hellenic Dynamics
Hellenic Dynamics

Medical cannabis, especially in higher THC doses, has been approved for use in the United Kingdom and Germany plus 20 other European countries for conditions including but not limited to chronic pain, intractable chemotherapyrelated nausea, PTSD, Anxiety, Insomnia, Tourette’s syndrome, substance use disorder, Multiple Sclerosis, IBS, spinal cord treatment, lack of appetite due to HIV/AIDS, Cachexia, Anorexia and Glaucoma.

Hellenic Dynamics strongly believes that controlling the production of medical cannabis flowers through all stages from cultivation to end patient prescription is the best way to maximise the benefit of medical cannabis to patients. Specific cannabis plant cultivars have also been shown to have differing effects against certain pain indicators, and as such Hellenic Dynamics has formed a number of partnerships to begin research and development studies with unique genetics in order to conduct efficacy trials against pain indictors in patients. The aim is to determine a medical cannabis product as close to an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient as is currently technically possible. This will then allow Hellenic Dynamics to be at the forefront of the next evolution of the medical cannabis industry by way of registering certain strains at the E.U. level to produce IP protected genetics. This is an industry first in Europe and the research programme will begin during 2022.

Products [04]

Hellenic Dynamics has invested significant time with distributors of medical cannabis, patients, physicians and pharmacies within our core target markets across Europe in order to develop an indepth understanding of the end user demand dynamic.

Demand for high quality, THC dominant dried medical cannabis flowers is by far the largest market segment and the most requested form of medical cannabis. Having been granted a licence that allows for the production of dried cannabis flowers, Hellenic Dynamics also has the ability to process these flowers into isolates and oil based products. However, the management team and board of advisors formed the consensus that, with the introduction of more vaporising medical devices, dried flowers will remain the most requested product format within Europe. Presently, processed oils account for a significantly smaller market segment. If that demand for oils increases, however, Hellenic Dynamics has planned a full extraction facility, which can be operational on site within six months. The market strategy is therefore to be the foremost producer of high quality dried medical cannabis flowers at the lowest cost of production in Europe

With the ability to produce flowers and oils, Hellenic Dynamics is well placed to supply the market demand for novel product categories as they emerge. These are likely to include Vape Cartridges, Trans-dermal Patches, Nasal Sprays and Orally administered preparations, such as capsules, pills and other edibles.

Medical cannabis flowers with a THC content of over 20% are the most requested product within our target markets, and this is also the most undersupplied product. As such Hellenic Dynamic’s lead products are:

Hellenic Dynamics


Hellenic Dynamics

A powerful Sativa cultivar with densely packed Trichomes, high in THC and with a pure, clean, fruity flavour. This phenotype has a relatively long time to maturity, but results in a long-lasting effect and a Terpene profile dominated by Limonene and Caryophyllene. The original genetics in this plant come from equatorial latitudes.

Hellenic Dynamics

A hybrid, leaning towards the Indica ancestry originally found in Afghanistan and with exceptionally high levels of THC. This plant exhibits very tight buds and is stocky and vigorous. The Terpene profile is of spicy Myrcene and the purple flecks on the leaves, combined with distinct orange Pistils, give it a striking appearance.